Speaking Faith Into Others

Words are powerful, but positive and faith filled words are extraordinary. Speaking faith into a soul is the greatest blessing one could give. If we took the time to uplift others their paths could be changed in a most positive way. Repetitively telling a child they are beautiful will instill in them a strong sense of self-esteem. Telling them they can achieve anything they wish can lead them on a path of greatness.

Speaking faith into a person who is lost can save a life. Not everyone is blessed to be surrounded by those who uplift. Instead they are surrounded by those who steal the very energy from within them.

YOU can be the difference in any of these people's lives. Just by speaking faith into them you are creating a Faith Filled Universe. What you put out into the universe will in turn come back to you!

Positive Things To Say:

*You are beautiful/handsome
*You can do anything your heart desires
*I believe in you
*You're a masterful work of the Father
*I Love You
*I'm proud of you
*You're a child of God
*No one has the power to defeat you
*Believe - Even in that, which you can not see

~If someone says they're a failure - Tell them they are a winner
~If a friend says she's fat - Tell her she's just as God created her to be
~When a child says I can't do it - Say "You can do anything"
~If someone says I Hate - You say I Love
~If someone says there's no way out - Tell them Faith is their way out
~If you see someone frowning - Sincerely give them your brightest smile

It has taken me years to learn and incorporate these into my life, but I have. I would not turn the other way if I were paid to do so. I believe we are all here for reasons far greater than just US. So, while you are here LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH and spread FAITH.

YOU will not only make a difference in the lives of others, but before your very eyes YOU will make an extraordinary difference in the life given to you.

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