Spreading Our Wings!!!

Please Help Us Spread The Word!! We will be sending Luvmail to children in the USA and Now also to children in Canada!!!  We send mail to ANY kid Ages 2-12 (USA & Canada). Whether they are dealing with sickness, special needs, being bullied or are perfectly healthy, but can use a little EXTRA Cheer.  Luvmail is a card, coloring & activity sheets w/stickers & tattoos (Other Flat items when available). To request visit us on Facebook Or email us at 504uplifting@gmail.com

Inspiration Abounds

Today's Job:
-Know who YOU truly are
-Find Your purpose and LIVE it with no apologies
-LOVE who You truly are

Today's Job:
-Love someone in spite of their flaws
-Laugh a Hearty Belly Laugh today
-NEVER Criticize...Just Uplift

Today's Job:
-Meet people where they are and LOVE them anyway
-LIVE Today as if Tomorrow will not come
-LISTEN to that Still Voice Deep Within
-Trust Yourself

CHOOSE to be at Peace
CHOOSE to be Kind
CHOOSE to NEVER Judge Others
CHOOSE to be Joyful/Happy
CHOOSE to Bless Others
In This LIFE we Get to Choose. Choose Wisely My Friends

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