Nurturing Self :)

Everyone should take a day or a few hours to just be extra kind to yourself. I've been doing these and wanted to share. Here are a few ideas:
1. Take an extra long bubble bath
2. Read a great book (have a mug of hot chocolate or coffee)
3. Take a nice walk with yourself
4. Listen to music that speaks to your soul
5. Meditate (one of my favorites)
6. Play - if you have kids play with them, color with them, or run outside with them.
7. Take a well deserved nap :)
8. Get a massage from your husband or wife (it's free)
9. Laugh Laugh Laugh
10. Throughout your day be accepting of yourself. Say I love you to YOU

11.  Don't focus on negativity (Keep away from negative beings)
12. Be Grateful for Everything
On This Day I'm Going To:
1. Shine Bright Like A Diamond (my true inner me will pour out)
2. Laugh My Buttocks Off (I can afford to shed a little)
3. Praise (Even if EVERYONE is watching)
4. Enjoy my family's presence to the FULLEST
5. LIVE as if I'll have NO Tomorrow

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